At the first class, I was really confused because my professor spoke a little quickly. After several weeks, I got used to it, and everything went better.

I like taking pictures outside, such as Discover Lake Park, Walnut Park, and so on. I also like the assignment that we should go out to take pictures after class. I went to MOPA, Double Peak, and Chicano Park.

Professor D is quite cool. I am so lucky. Professor gathers us together like a group. We will take pictures of our classmates so that we can keep in touch after class. It’s the best thing of this class.

Guest Speaker

I’m so lucky to have a professor like Prof diBenedetto. She is an interesting person because of the experience and stories behind her.
Prof diBenedetto was a Navy combat photographer in a military. She got her Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts from California State University San Marcos, then she and is pursuing an Master of Fine Arts in Boston. Now she is a photography professor at California State University San Marcos in the School of Art where she studied. Also, she is a fantastic mother. There is no doubt that her attitude towards life and arts will influence her daughter.
As a professor, she is quite cool. I think she focuses on the process we study not the outcome. Her teaching style makes me enjoy this course. I can have fun during Digital Photography Class, not just get units. I like taking photos, and I like Prof diBenedetto. My journey starts  at California State University San Marcos.

Proof of Photography

Frankly speaking, I did not take taking photos seriously before I took this Digital Photography Class. I used to think taking photos is an easy thing. There are a lot of important details in a photo. It is difficult to take a perfect photo. I should take care of so many things, such as the aperture, the shutter speed, the ISO sensitivity, and so forth. On the other hand, taking photos is not a difficult thing. Everyone can take photos. As long as we enjoy the world of photography, everyone can be an artist. “We are all born artists.”

photo booth

Today, I went to the Ralphs to do the photo booth with Ruiqian Ding. We used the same background, and we took the photos of different people. At first, we were refused for several time, so we thought we could talk to people who “looked” warm-hearted. This did not work. We spent a lot of time waiting “warm-hearted” people. Then we asked almost everyone we saw for help. Our project went more and more smoothly. We met many friendly people. One of them graduated from CSUSM, and one had a photography class. It was interesting, and I enjoyed the process of communicate with strangers. The experience is my treasure.